About us

Established in 2016, La French is becoming Darwin’s favourite food cart. In the last six months we have expanded to three carts to cater for various markets and special events.

We love creating new flavour combinations for crepes and finding more inclusive ingredients for our customers with dietary requirements so all may enjoy the beautiful French crepe.

Our traditional French speciality dishes also include cheese raclette and croque monsieur.


Find us

Malak Markets | Mindil Beach Markets | Zuccoli Markets | Cullen Bay


For Hire

Weddings - Birthdays - Parties

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Cart hire information

It's really simple with us. We bring the cart for usually two hours to the venue of your choice and we make crêpes for your guests. Let me know how many guests exactly you were thinking of and I will give you our price

For private functions we make mini-crêpes, They are smaller than the ones we make at the markets and look better too (cocktail type crêpes). They are more adapted for private functions as they are smaller, people can try all the different fillings! Our machines are specifically designed for that purpose and we can make 12 mini-crêpes at a time which is a lot faster to serve all your guests.

For the menu, please fill our form and we’ll get back to you.

Booking & pricing

  • Pricing works depending on the number of people we cater for.

  • Min hire is 2 hours - Hours after is $150 - After 10pm surcharges will apply.

  • Deposit will be needed of $200 for confident consideration for your event - full amount is needed 7 days before the event date.